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These Dyna-Band accessories simplify the use of the Dyna-band and all attach easily to the Dyna-band. These accessories will add a new dimensions to exercise and will allow you to perform a greater number of exercises.

Dyna-Band Fitness for Football


Train using the Dyna-Band and dominate the football field with explosive running speed and powerful kicks!

The Dyna-band ESP Football Programme includes easy to perform exercises targeting the muscles specifically used in football. By providing resistance for muscles to work against, the DYNA-BAND® will:

•    enhance players flexibility, speed, agility and endurance
•    build/strengthen muscles and encourages muscle balance (especially in the young)
•    increase kicking speed resulting in more powerful kicks
•    increase running speed and reaction time
•    decrease risk of injury and aid rehabilitation

The DYNA-BAND® product is colour coded according to its strength of resistance, catering for all abilities and levels, from the young amateur to the fitter football professional.  This feature also allows for progression and development.

Our ESP Fitness for Football range includes:

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Using the Dyna-Band Fitness for Football Training method

“Professionally run football Academy in the Heart of Leicestershire playing semi professional and professional sides whilst players can still have their GCSE and A –level education” www.brookehousecollegefootballacademy.co.uk/

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Dyna-Band Fitness for Football
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