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These Dyna-Band accessories simplify the use of the Dyna-band and all attach easily to the Dyna-band. These accessories will add a new dimensions to exercise and will allow you to perform a greater number of exercises.


Here are some of the manyTestimonials that have been sent to us:

  •  I Think the DYNA-BAND® is utterly brilliant and I use it every day. It really does work as I can see the difference in my Hips and Thighs. R Davis
  • I'm a big fan of Dyna-Bands, especially for my outdoor workouts with clients. Dyna-Bands are easy to carry and help me to use a variety of exercises effectively outside, where it's hard to get enough resistance in any other way.
    Sue Stanley, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor mailto:sue.stanley@greatfit.co.uk
  • Thank you very much for the DYNA-BAND®, it has definitely toned up my body, by firming my stomach and reducing my waist and hips. Amanda
  • I’ve been practicing with the DYNA-BAND® for six weeks now and I must say it is both: fun and a success.  Both my physical well-being and my body shape have improved to a considerable extent. I heiteman-Germany
  • The DYNA-BAND® has improved my shape and figure 200% it’s also good for me to exercise with, as I am diabetic and can control how much I do. Ruth-Bristol
  • I want to tell you how glad I am to have found DYNA-BAND® it is the first training I can bring myself to do regularly as doesn’t take long and the exercises are easy to learn & routine easy to follow-A Shrobel, Germany
  • I am very pleased with my purple DYNA-BAND®.  It’s a fun way to work and doesn’t seem as grueling as some workouts while having the desired effect. Sarah

  •  I have to be honest and admit to not being a well-motivated exerciser, but I have felt and seen a difference especially in my thighs.  The DYNA-BAND® is great for people with a weight problem finding aerobics not so easy to do or find going to the gym embarrassing. Mary, -Windsor
  • I would say that I’m no beginner and have just about used everything in the last 20 yrs I would say the DYNA-BAND® are nearly equal to weights in terms of results and superior to just about everything as they are a convenient and low cost aid to physical training. Philip, Firefighter
  • I enjoy weight training and consider the use of the DYNA-BAND® a great way to take my gym with me on holiday. E Jenne
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Dyna-Band Train for Tennis
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