Dyna-Band SWIMMING Exercises


Here's a few  short Dyna-Band drill sequences that can help with swimmers, flexibility and mobility. The sequences as shown were produced in conjunction with Sports & Dance Physiotherapist Caroline Jubb at CJPHYSIO - designed for pre-pool and competition warm up, however can be used for strength training too. Just increase the reps of each exercise to 8-10 and repeat the sequence twice. Choose the level of resistance which suits you - it's important to exercise through your normal range of motion (partial range of motion results in less strength gain and going past normal range can cause injury). You have the correct resistance and tension when the last few reps of a set are challenging. Increase/decrease the tension of the band accordingly or move up/down a strength of band. Info on the different strengths can be found here.


Please read the Disclaimer and see Tips on uses, for care & cautionary notes, tips on holding / tying the band and general guidelines.