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Custom Printed Bands


The expert team who brought the market leading Dyna-Band resistance bands to the UK have created a range of great value exercise products which can be personalised to your / your clients’ exacting requirements.

There has never been so much press around the need for all of us to get and keep fitter and healthier but the cost of expensive gyms and exercise equipment is often seen as a real barrier.

Our range of simple to use, highly portable products can be used almost anywhere and have been proved to strengthen, tone and increase mobility of all major muscle groups and joints. The exercise bands have been said to truly be “the multi-gym in your pocket” and all at a fraction of the cost of gym membership!



Our range features several distinctive items that can be purchased either individually or as a package in flexible amounts and colours. Our bands and mats can be personalised with your clients’ logos and can be supplied individually packaged in poly-bags for ease of distribution.

The items can all be supplied with easy to follow exercise programmes which can be tailored to any event, promotion or activity. We even have specific sports related activity plans and complete packages from golf, tennis and football through to swimming and even dance.


Contact us for a quote or make an inquiry.




Custom Printed Resistance Bands Wilkinson Sword "Lovely Legs"

Wilkinson Sword "Lovely Legs" campaign

Custom Printed Resistance Band -Hassra
Custom Printed Resistance Bands
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