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Dyna-Band assist strap to anchor the Dyna-Band to a secure object

Assist Strap

Dyna-Band® Assist Strap / Door Jam / Anchor

This is a multipurpose strap and can be used to assist many exercises.


A Webbing strap with a large loop on one end, a smaller loop at the other and a nub in the middle.

It can be used as :

  • A Hand/Wrist/Foot/Ankle Strap, Doorknob Strap, Chair Strap, and Doorjamb Stopper all in one.
  • In many exercises to anchor the band to various objects, allowing for a greater range of exercises to be done without the need for a partner!


Excellent for use with the EPS Golf, Tennis and Football programmes and as an anchor for many abdominal exercises.




    Anchor Dyna-Band to a sturdy pole, railing or fence so you can perform gym-like exercises. The door attachment has a safety stop (nub) that inserts through the hinged side or top of a door. This creates a secure anchor for exercising. Instructions Pass the assist strap through the hinged side of a door and doorframe so that the safety nub on the assist strap is behind the door. Close the door securely! Thread the Dyna-band through the large loop of the assist strap. Before each exercise check that the door is closed tightly and perform a test by pulling the band firmly. Do not use the door handle side of the door!.


    View above images to see how the assist strap can be used

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