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Purple Dyna-Band - Heavy strength- For those used to resistance exercise, Excellent for increasing sporting speed & endurance

Purple Dyna-Band -Strong

Purple - Heavy Strength - For those used to resistance exercise - Excellent for increasing sporting speed and endurance


The Dyna-Band® are colour coded according to their strength of resistance catering for all abilities and levels of fitness from the mature exerciser to the fit young male


    Each Dyna-Band® come with a well illustrated and easy to follow instruction booklet The concept of the DYNA-BAND® originated in hospitals for use in rehabilitation, to strengthen and repair muscles after injury. This idea has been developed further, to produce a fabulous fitness/ exercise aid, which, allows you to tone, strengthen and condition your entire body in the privacy of your own home. By providing resistance for your muscles to work against the DYNA-BAND® can help you achieve the strength, firmness and body tone normally developed by a weekly workout in the gym! It’s ideal for home use and much cheaper than the gym plus you can take the DYNA-BAND® away with you. In addition the more muscle tissue you have, the more toned you’ll look and the more calories you’ll burn,helping you to lose weight more quickly- and that’s when you’re at rest!


    We hope that you will be pleased with your purchase. Should you wish to return anything to us you can do so within 14 days of purchase in its original, undamaged packaging. Please contact our customer services department who will explain the procedure for sending goods back to us.


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