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Build strength &
lean muscle mass

The #1 Resistance band in fitness

The fast & effective total body workouk

4 Different Colours/StRengths


The Dyna-Band are colour coded according to their strength of resistance catering for all abilities and levels of fitness from the mature exerciser to the fit young male

They are the easiest and most effective fitness equipment to begin using.  Resistance bands can take you through a full body workout. They require minimal space and are cost effective.

Pink - Light Strength - For after injury the mature exerciser & young sporting athletes.

Green - Medium Strength - For beginners, new to resistance exercise & sports warm ups, agility & flexibility training.

Purple - Heavy Strength - For those used to resistance exercise, Excellent for increasing sporting speed and endurance.

Grey - Extra Heavy Strength - For the strong and athletic, can build and strengthen muscles.


"I enjoy weight training and consider the use of the DYNA-BAND® a great way to take my gym with me on holiday."

Pink Band a.png
Green Band a.png
Purple Band a.png
Grey Band a.png

DVD's & Programmes


We have recognised the need to develop the Dyna-Band range of products to include exercise DVD’s and sport specific programmes, packs and DVD’s.

Why not choose the popular total body workout DVD which will help you tone, strengthen and condition your whole body in just 10 minutes a day?

We also have some sport specific programmes for golf, tennis and football and our new Fit4Mum pregnancy and New Mummy workout.

DVD £14.99

DVD & Band £18.00 - Save £6.50

"I am very pleased with my purple DYNA-BAND®.  It’s a fun way to work and doesn’t seem as grueling as some workouts while having the desired effect."




Here at Dyna-Band we appreciate the hard work and dedication that professional instructors and personal trainers put into their clients and classes.


We are offering a pack of ten Dyna-Bands for a great price, you can choose a pack of the same colour or mix and match to suit your class needs. 


These packs are perfect for group classes or individual sessions and ideal as course incentives or gifts for loyal clients.

  • Pack of 10 Dyna-Bands

  • Single colour or mixed pack

  • Add accessories

  • Free drawstring bag with 2 packs

"I'm a big fan of Dyna-Bands, especially for my outdoor workouts with clients. Dyna-Bands are easy to carry and help me to use a variety of exercises effectively outside."

ws band.png


printed bands


The expert team who brought the market leading Dyna-band resistance bands to the UK have created a range of great value exercise products which can be personalised to your clients’ exacting requirements.

Our range features several distinctive items that can be purchased either individually or as a package in flexible amounts and colours. Our bands and mats can be personalised with your clients’ logos and can be supplied individually packaged in poly-bags for ease of distribution.


The items can all be supplied with easy to follow exercise programmes which can be tailored to any event, promotion or activity. We even have specific sports related activity plans and complete packages from golf, tennis and football through to swimming and even dance.

" I want to tell you how glad I am to have found DYNA-BAND® it is the first training I can bring myself to do regularly as doesn’t take long and the exercises are easy to learn & routine easy to follow"

Safety advise and how to take care of your Dyna-Band

We have a range of simple accessories to add a new dimension to your Dyna-Band Workout

Here are 3 great exercises to trim your stomach and waist

Perfect for group classes & individual sessions. Great gift for loyal clients or course incentive

Read what some of our users have to say

Exercise guidlines & tip on how to use the Dyna-Band

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